Kate has her eye on the ball

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon

I was really delighted to see tennis star Andy Murray receive his OBE from Prince William a few weeks ago.

I can’t think of a more worthy recipient, and I’m sure everyone who was glued to Centre Court on July 7 would agree with me.

Within just a few days, however, my friends and I also got a different kind of OBE from Prince William’s wife – that is Overwhelming Belly Envy.

The Duchess of Cambridge was visiting the Olympic Park for a SportsAid workshop where she took part in a spot of volleyball.

Everyone was the same, no one could help it, and we all had a look at Kate’s tummy three months after having she had had a baby.

There wasn’t an awful lot made of it, perhaps one should discuss the Royal abs.

Or perhaps, considering the trail of perfection she has left so far, everyone expected it.

But I’m sure women and young mothers will agree with me when I say that you have to take your hat off to her.

If I looked like that 86 days after giving birth, I would have arranged my very own volleyball tournament.

But unlike Kate, I may have found it impossible to play as I would have been far too busy posing for photographers and blurting out the odd ‘na-nana-naa-nah!’.

I have absolutely no idea how she did it,

I suppose the breast feeding would have helped, and I assume a clever chef prepares delightful low-cal dinners.

But still!

So, Andy, while I can say that I was genuinely over the moon when you won Wimbledon this summer, the ball game prize for great achievement this autumn goes to Kate.