Join in my game of Christmas party bingo!

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

Well, that’s the Christmas 
party season under way ...

And, having already attended one event, I can exclusively reveal that the LBD is still the number one choice for the 

I can also exclusively reveal that my own Christmas party bingo card is already on it’s way to completion.

These are the sights that can be seen at any office gathering and here are three I’ve been able to tick off my list (please note this event took place 
outside of Falkirk in case you think you recognise yourself).

1. Woman in in ill-fitting skintight dress who should know better ... and whose friends should also have been brave enough to tell her the error of her ways.

2. Office bore who has far too much to drink and thinks he’s John Travolta. His dance-floor escapades are usually all the more obvious because he’s the only one still sporting a party hat.

3. Office bore who has far too little to drink and spends the evening in earnest discussion about work issues. The victim can be seen earnestly trying to find an escape route while the rest of the table is just thankful it’s not them.

A new addition this year is someone returning to the party in a onesie ... not to be recommended.