Jack’s amazing food is at the hub of it all

Jack's Coffee House puts the emphasis on doing things well
Jack's Coffee House puts the emphasis on doing things well

It was clear The Falkirk Herald’s newsroom couldn’t wait to visit a cafe which claimed a link with Scotland’s media.

Jack’s Coffee House in Falkirk’s Business Hub opened in January, and since then, many tales of tasty flatbreads and superior coffee and cakes have gone round the office.

But, as journalists will tell you, these kinds of rumours have to be proven before you can put them in print.

Our fact-finding visit to Jack’s got off to a funny start.Sub-editor Kirsty had been looking forward to her visit, but, due to feeling rubbish with a bad cold, she passed the job to reporter Chris.

When Chris was also struck down by illness, I happily volunteered to head to Jack’s for lunch, with two colleagues putting themselves forward to come along to “help”.

Won’t bore you with the underhand tactics and back-stabbing that followed as they vied for the position, but the result is that one is not talking to me for picking the other.

Accompanied (controversially) by sports editor David, and after a tense morning, it was lovely to retreat to the calm and bright surroundings of Jack’s.

You quickly realise things are done very well here.

From the movie-star-like, sepia-toned photographs on the wall, to the perfectly-toasted ciabattas and fantastically fresh aromas, Jack’s has a great feel and a mix of casual and formal.

Its relaxed atmosphere is comfortable, but the food menu has a serious edge.

It’s pleasantly unassuming, but the super location on Vicar Street proves this cafe means business.

Calling itself the home of good food and coffee, Jack’s offers a selection of snacks, lunches, tea, coffee and cakes.

It has a homely feel, but the food is far better and much more interesting than most could muster in the kitchen.

We started with a bowl of delicious home-made soup served with fresh bread.

After ordering the day’s specials – a cajun chicken ciabatta and another with steak and onion – Jack’s had won a watch in presenting moreish dishes with perfectly-complementing salads.

That coupled with half of a medium lamb burger each, we sampled a real taste of the barbeque season.

Rounding off the meal with coffee and a cracking Viennese whirl, I read how the owner’s father and grandfather had made waves in reporting news as journalists and photographers.

Sure they’d be proud of Jack’s making headlines of its own.

Jack’s Coffee House, Falkirk Business Hub, Vicar Street, Falkirk, (01324) 614050