Its wet wet wet but not all bad for me

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

What a terrible week it has been weather wise. All I can remember seeing for the past seven days is rain, rain, rain and more rain.

It is no wonder parts of the country have flooded, it feels like someone up in the clouds has left the tap on and forgotten all about it and we are left to suffer the wet consequences.

Although I can’t really complain, the terrible weather has given me an excellent excuse to stay in, cosy up with a nice warm cuppa, watch my programmes and relax.

Only in extreme circumstances would I venture outside, brolly in hand, wellies on foot and countless layers keeping me warm.

Another plus-side of the miserable weather is I have enjoyed fun-filled rainy days in with my fabulous grandchildren, listening to their music, I do know enjoy the sounds of Will Smith, and playing board games invented for this exact situation.

My sympathy does go out to those who must brave the elements.

I sneakily watch them being battered by the wind and pelted by raindrops from the dry and warm viewing gallery of my livingroom, thanking my lucky stars I do not have to catch a bus or walk to work.

An unfortunate knock-on effect from this bad weather is it makes driving all the more difficult, which is easy to see given the number of car accidents taking place.

I do hope everyone takes care while driving and understands the dangers of driving in such treacherous conditions.

I myself have had a scare on the roads.

I was driving to go see one of my friends and it was pouring with rain and already pretty dark.

On reaching the bottom of a slope I drove through a large puddle and suffered quite a fright as I felt my tyres skid across the water.

Thankfully I was going the speed limit of 20mph and the car stayed in control however it made me realise just how dangerous driving in the rain can be.

If the weather keeps going the way it is, maybe travelling by ark will be acceptable.

Unfortunate news has also been breaking of homes being flooded.

I could not imagine waking up to discover my lovely front room, kitchen and hall submersed in water.

Living in Scotland I suppose we have to accept the wet weather, however I do believe that this is pushing the limit.

I believe however that it will balance itself out and summer 2016 will be a scorcher. It surely can not be any wetter.