It's time once again to show world how excellent we are

Here we go again! I won't lie to you, I did see this coming a while back.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 2:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:08 am

As soon as Britain voted to leave the EU, I remember sitting in a service station, half way to Paris by coach, and saying “well, here comes IndyRef2”.

The prospect of a second independence referendum is exciting, not because of the potential outcome, but because it means the people of Scotland are about to become a lot more politically involved and truly consider our future and that of the generations to come.

With that being said though, I think it’s important to address some of the issues we can learn from the last referendum in 2014.

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Firstly, remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s important to recognise that people are allowed to disagree with you and, if they do, that doesn’t make them a bad person.

When I voted in the last referendum, my reasons for picking the side I did were personal to me. This changes from individual to individual so remember to be respectful of others’ opinions.

Secondly, keep yourself informed. For me, one of the key things I learned during the process of IndyRef was to stay updated on all the arguments for both campaigns. Not only did it keep me politically engaged, it helped me understand Scotland as a country and how brilliant our home is.

Thirdly, be honest with yourself. It’s okay to vote for what you believe in, instead of voting similarly to the rest of your friends or family. With the Brexit vote, my household all voted differently for different reasons. Staying true to your beliefs is more important than following the norm.

Scotland will, again, will be at the forefront of the world’s media. So let’s show the world how excellent the people of Scotland truly are.