It’s all rosy in the gardens...

Some of the green fingered participants in the planting operation.Some of the green fingered participants in the planting operation.
Some of the green fingered participants in the planting operation.
A community’s appeal for help was answered by a band of green fingered Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

The combined efforts of the young people, parents and leaders completed a mammoth horticultural task in Bonnybridge (pictured)..

Community council bosses had appealed for help from the people in the village to weed and then plant the various beds in the Memorial and the Sunken Gardens. Bonnybridge had been left in the lurch when Falkirk Council revealed it no longer had the money to carry out the annual planting. It meant that unless volunteers stepped in, there was a real possibility that thousands of plants would have perished and the beds would have become weed-infested, overgrown and an eyesore.

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The council had the plants in its nursery and was happy to give them to community groups this year who were willing to take on the task of weeding and planting.

Bonnybridge Community Council accepted just under 3000 plants and was able, with help of community groups, schools and guides, to plant out the Memorial Gardens and all bar two of the beds at the Sunken Gardens.

Assistant Cub Scout leader Shona Philpott contacted her colleagues at the 27th who agreed to pitch in and carry out the work at the Sunken Gardens.

Beaver Scout leader Margaret Plank touched base with Fiona Russell, minute secretary with the community council and organised access to the tools and plants stored at Bonnybridge Primary School.

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And, with the help of hardworking Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, parents and siblings, the two beds were weeded, raked and planted in just 90 minutes.

Acting Group Scout leader Helen Smith said: “This was a great team effort. When Shona heard about the plants and the help the community council needed, she contacted us all straight away. Then Margaret was able to organise for us to have the tools to work on the beds and put the plants in.

“We were even able to personalise the beds and, fingers crossed, everyone walking by will see a fleur de lys and a number 27. We were only too happy to help keep Bonnybridge beautiful.”