It’s Your LIfe: Who should give Carol away?

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Last year I wrote about Carol who, at the age of 40, found her dad with the help of a social networking site.

They met up last year and it couldn’t have gone better with Carol meeting her dad Jack and stepmum Katy, as well as two half sisters. All were incredibly welcoming to this stranger from their father’s past.

After a lovely three days together in New York, Jack and Katy arranged to visit Carol in the UK to spend more time getting to know her and her fiancé and also to meet the grandchildren. However, there was one person who was not overly excited about the impending visit. – Carol’s mother, Jan.

Although it had been over 40 years since they had been together, Jan admitted she had never reached closure in their relationship as he had simply disappeared.

It transpired letters had gone astray. Jan thought Jack was scared off by her pregnancy. Jack, who had written to her offering to bring her to the USA, thought Jan didn’t want to come to be with him.

Had this happened today, social networking would surely have enabled them to keep in touch 
better. How different their lives might have been. And, although she had been 
happily married to Keith for 25 years and was blissfully happy, Jack had been the love of her life and he
 remained, in her memory, this dashing American
 airman with piercing blue eyes who had swept her off her feet all those years ago

But the visit happened and Jan and Keith 
nervously arrived to meet them. Although unmistakably ‘still Jack’ he was no longer her handsome hero. In fact he was a rather overweight, sixty something who sadly has to use a walking stick due to a degenerative illness. They had a lovely time, a lot of stolen lingering looks at each other and ultimately for Carol a photo taken with both of her real parents.

After they had gone, Carol told her mother how she felt. She said that she was very fond of Jack and thought that in time she would grow to love him. But he was a new acquaintance and she was still getting to know him. She told Jan that she would always love her and Keith as her ‘parents’ and that wouldn’t change. Carol is going to marry her fiancé next year. But the big question is, who will give Carol away at her wedding … what do YOU think? E-mail me at