It’s time to shake things up a little

Celebrate spring with some special cocktails
Celebrate spring with some special cocktails

Shaken or stirred, cocktails are enjoying a renaissance in bars everywhere. But aspiring bartenders can have a go at home too, all you need is plenty of ice, a long bar spoon, a Boston shaker and a hawthorn strainer, and you’re ready to go. Cheers!

Bacardi Pedro Collins

A funky Cuban version of the classic Tom Collins gin cocktail. You’ll need 50ml Bacardi Gold Rum (£20.45, 70cl,, 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 heaped tsps caster sugar, ginger ale, lemon wedge to garnish. Half-fill a shaker with ice. Add the ingredients and shake vigorously. Double strain into a chilled glass, top with ginger ale and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Tanqueray Ten Southside Gin Cocktail

Basically, a mojito with gin instead of rum. You’ll need 50ml Tanqueray No. Ten (£32.50, 70cl,, 15ml fresh lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup, mint leaves, 1 bottle premium quality soda water.

Smash a mint sprig, 15ml lemon juice and sugar syrup in a mixing glass. Splash 50ml Tanqueray No. Ten gin and make it spin. Pour into a highball of crushed ice and swirl. Top up with soda and a mint sprig to garnish.

Quintessentially Vodka Rhubarb Rickey

Made with a silky smooth premium vodka, from the members’ only concierge club. You’ll need 35ml Quintessentially Vodka (£36.95, 70cl,, 12.5ml rhubarb liqueur/syrup, 12.5ml fresh lime, soda water.

Half fill a highball glass with ice. Add the vodka, rhubarb syrup and squeeze a lime wedge into the glass. 
Top with soda and and stir a few times before adding a wedge of lime.