It’s time to knock another wall down

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My mum is convinced I’m never happy unless I’ve 
got a DIY scheme on the go.

My wife is more than happy for me to embark on such projects, but would prefer me to finish the previous one first.

And my son just loves to help me knock walls down.

Bored with carrying out the finishing touches to the downstairs hall, I decided it was time to spruce up the study.

But I wasn’t content to give it a lick of paint, this was to be a major project involving a new lighting system, adding sockets, moving a radiator ... and tearing down some plasterboard - much to the delight of my son.

Utilising his toy tool set to the full, he was in his elements as he joined me hammering away at the walls.

It was such a highlight for him that, after a weekend that involved building a snowman and having shot in his grandad’s lorry, all he could talk about when he returned to nursery on the Monday morning was how he had knocked a wall down.

Fast forward to last night and I spotted him marching up the stairs, toy hammer in hand.

‘‘Where are you going with that,’’ I shouted up to him. ‘‘To knock the living room wall down,’’ he replied matter of factly.

Calum! No!!!!!!!

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