It’s time to help ourselves

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

After what seems like weeks of incessant rain there was finally a change in the weather at the weekend. But as the washout turned to a whiteout it brought something else for people to moan about.

Complaints about road and pavement gritting – or rather the lack of it, came from across the district.

While appreciating that sudden changes in the weather cannot always be anticipated and Falkirk Council is trying to cut its spending, I have to agree that over the last few days there were many streets which you would have expected to have been gritted but which hadn’t.

As someone who literally slithered along Upper Newmarket Street on Sunday morning, I was surprised 
that an area with a very busy bus lane had not been treated. 
Likewise the High Street had a very narrow space cleared up the middle, leaving many people to slip and slide as they tried to cross over and reach the shops.

However, I’ve always believed that we should do more to help ourselves in situations like this and particularly around our own homes there’s nothing stopping people from clearing paths and pavements.

If we all did our own little bit, streets would be clear in no time.

But for some that sounds too much like effort and 
they would rather complain ... while waiting on someone 
else to do it for them.