It’s so hard to choose ... but it’s time to move on

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Beginning university is something that is, yes, extremely daunting, but exciting at the same time.

It’s the moment, in my opinion, that defines that crucial step into adulthood, and converts you from a naive child to a somewhat responsible adult. I have yapped on for months about the prospects of going to university and how I can’t wait to be independent, but it has come to my attention that I have contradicted myself many times when talking about this big step in my life. Early on in my ramblings, I said how eager I was to move to Glasgow as part of beginning a new life. But only a couple of weeks ago I decided staying at home was the better option. Here, I’d like to clear up any confusion I may have sparked.

Staying at home, I have realised, is going to work out either extremely well or ridiculously badly. There are several pros to living at home: I am the world’s worst cook and only recently learned how to work a washing machine, so staying on Falkirk does have a large perk. Having my family around to support me will be fantastic, and that too is something I would miss out on if I were to move.

Watching new and old friends move away has left me quite envious. To me, it looks like they are growing up and getting on with their lives, providing themselves with a responsibility that, right now, my mum and dad take care of for me.

The truth is, I’m terrified. The debate my family and I are constantly having about moving away will, soon, come to an end. I’ll soon know which is better as I start my studies next week. University is all about learning who you are and accepting that— I’m hoping that I will, in time, accept the choice that my parents have made for me, and that they will respect the choices I make in the future.