It’s music that keeps me going

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

Music is such a big part of my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that most of the things I do revolve around music.

Take the dishes for example. I will point blank REFUSE to do the washing up unless I have my earphones in. Euan thinks it’s a bit weird, but then this is the child who attacks me with tea towels and can sing in a higher pitch than me.

Or, if I’m getting ready, either for school or just generally going out, doing my makeup and straightening just isn’t the same without some sort of tune playing in the background.

Being able to listen to lots of different types of music is great too, I feel blessed. I mean, you get the people that can only listen to all the boom boom boom stuff, or the people that listen to all the ‘scream scream scream’ that just sounds like a load of people in pain (in all fairness though, some of the guitar solos in screamo songs are actually quite good), but give me a bit of Blink 182, then some Adele, some old school ’80s house, a little bit of Girls Aloud, and throw in a bit of Deacon Blue and The Arctic Monkeys for good measure and, oh my, you wouldn’t see me for hours, I’d be locked away in my room, lying on my bed, singing along in a ridiculously strong and out of tune Scottish accent.

Another thing about music is that there’s always, without fail, a song to fit every single situation that I could ever find myself if. Feeling happy? On comes a bit of Avicii so I can dance away. Had a rubbish day? I need The Maine, they cheer me up. Had a fall out with someone? I need some Ed Sheeran.

Oh, and yet another positive – a song can bring back so many memories! ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men – the water park at Italy. ‘Magic’ by B.O.B. – second year Christmas holidays. ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson ... well that’s a whole different story, involves a lot of crying and endless cuddles from my best pal. You see? Everything revolves around music. Even writing this, I’ve got OneRepublic blasting in my ear. Music gives me the kick I need to get on.