It’s lucky when the chips are in

E Everyone is telling you the importance of microchipping: the vet, your breeder, the groomer, the dog trainer and pet shop owners...

But some pets remain un-chipped. Last week we had two brought into the practice as strays. When a stray is brought into the practice the first thing done is to run for the microchip scanner. Now, if a chip is present a chorus of ‘Hoorah’ is sung! We enter details into the microchip database and within seconds contact details are on the screen. Within minutes of your pet entering the vet practice, police station or rescue centre you are contacted.

However, when a stray animal is not micro chipped it means we have to rely on less reliable means to try and re-unite pet and owner. This, sadly, does not always happen.

Of the two cases we had brought in; one was a healthy beautiful Whippet Cross. This doggy got brought into the practice after following two people while they were out walking.

After scanning the dog and discovering there was no chip, we contacted authorities, checked our lost and found book and placed a post on our Facebook page, thankfully a friend of the owner saw the post later in the day.

Our second case was one of the sadder ones we have had at the practice. A lovely black kitten was brought into the practice as an emergency after a road traffic incident. We could see straight away the injuries were severe and proceeded to administer emergency care. Unfortunately the kitten did not have a microchip. In this case, following protracted efforts over a week, the owners were not found and we have had to care for this kitten without their input.

We would like to emphasise the importance and value of microchipping. We do it for you, and for your pets’ sake. At the practice our vets and nurses use slim-line needles to make the process as pain-free as possible. It takes less than 10 seconds for the chip to be inserted and then your pet will get lots of fuss (and treats!) and you will go home a happy owner with peace of mind. If cost is a concern there are even charities able to implant microchips into dogs free of charge.

You can contact the practice on 01324 829989 if you’d like more details.