It’s just the start, you never stop learning

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

The first day of the new school term almost seems like a change in the seasons.

The roads are busier, shorts and t-shirts have been abandoned in favour of school uniforms and chat about summer holidays have been all but forgotten.

For some of the children, especially the little ones, it’s a big deal, but perhaps an even bigger one for their parents who will no doubt feel a heart-tug as their babies put on their rucksacks and skip off to school.

But, it’s a new adventure, and, although I was one of those mothers who waited until I got home before dissolving into tears on day one, I think parents should be as supportive and encouraging as they can be during this time.

After all, who knows where their child’s journey into the world of education will lead them.

And just think, when your child asks you an awkward or difficult question, it is entirely your prerogative to say ‘Ask your teacher’.

But, over the years, I’ve heard some great stories about parents not only taking an interest in their child’s education but actually learning with them.

A friend of the family recently learned French with her little boy.

She was a complete novice and told me later that the pace her seven-year-old was going at suited her fine.

She wasn’t embarrassed about telling anyone, and in fact boasted about it. And why not?

Every day should be a school day, even for adults.

Indeed I know many grown-ups, even grandparents, who wish they had their school days back.

My neighbour, a bit of a tearaway at school, now regrets not being interested as a child.

Over the years, he’s spent a fortune going back to school, enrolling in college, night school and the Open University.

The education and qualifactions have completely changed his outlook - as well as his income.

I wish all our little Bairns the best at school.

But one thing I wish I could teach them is how truly lucky they are.