It’s good to stop being serious now and again

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SURPRISINGLY, I get quite a lot of reaction to this column.

And, perhaps even more surprising, is that most of it is positive.

Everyone from my barber to a council official has confessed to reading my diatribe each week, and someone even remarked that they felt they knew my son even though they’d never met him because he’s been featured so often!

This week, however, I received an e-mail from a reader clearly unhappy with what emanates from my keyboard each week and suggesting I concentrate on more serious issues.

Everyone’s entitled to their view, of course, but I like to think this column provides some light relief.

We all know there’s plenty of problems in the world right now – from the gloomy economic situation at home to the continuing conflicts abroad – but that’s no reason while we shouldn’t enjoy the odd smile now and again.

Along with the usual mixture of ‘hard’ news stories that need to be told we always try to focus on the lighter side of life as well.

And this week is a case in point with some truly heart-warming tales interspersed with others on more serious subjects.

Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

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