It’s good for us all to keep in touch

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At BB meetings I often appeal for stories from companies as well as reports of competitions; all with a view to keeping our local battalion of the Boys’ Brigade in front of readers, updating them on how their local companies are performing. Some companies have websites and also use social media to publicise their events.

One such company is 3rd Falkirk (Peoples Church) which currently has a picture in the BB National Magazine ‘The Gazette’, showing its junior members visiting Falkirk Fire Station. I’m happy, as well as hearing from any company, to pass on suitable photographs to ‘The Gazette’ as well as, more immediately, to The Falkirk Herald.

A possible source for funding recently launched can be accessed through and, after registering with them, access to 800 different funders is possible. They assess the differences you might be able to make in your community and how they can direct you to appropriate help. As they used to say in the ‘old days’, ‘worth a stamp to find out’!

The BB World Mission Fund is having another ‘Picnic’, this year at Carronvale on June 6 with a Caribbean theme. Some companies enjoyed last year’s event and this time travelling should not be a problem.

BB Scotland’s National Canvas Camp is planned for July 9 to 16, 2016, to mark the 130th anniversary of the first BB Camp. The event will be at Dumfries House in Ayrshire and voluntary help is being sought by Alan Aitken who can be contacted on

Another volunteer is required to take up the place vacated by retiring Mid Scottish Representative Alistair Joss who has served for many years on the Scotland Committee. Rhona Drummond at Carronvale HQ can provide details and nomination forms.