It’s getting me a bit nervy ...

James Trimble
James Trimble

Worrying ‘Dr Strange-love’-type news from the US of A last week.

It turns out a general in charge of the US Air Force’s long-range nuclear missiles was sacked for conduct “unbecoming of a gentleman” during a business trip to Russia earlier this year.

According to the report Major General Michael Carey was drinking to excess and fraternising with “suspect” foreign femmes. Perhaps of more concern, for someone with his finger on the big bang button, he said he could not recall certain events.

Potential nuclear Armageddon due to an alcohol-induced black-out.


This guy was responsible for a grand total of 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles. There’s drunk gamers playing ‘Call of Duty’ who don’t want to command that kind of firepower.

And Carey was removed from duty only days after the Navy gave an admiral the heave ho over his illegal gambling. The admiral in question was in charge of overseeing nuclear forces.

Hold on though, it gets worse.

Carey is still working in the military, currently serving as assistant to the commander of Air Force Space Command.

For global safety, they should maybe book him on a one-way flight to Mars with some bottles of Buckie and a family packet of Doritos.

Some news just in, it appears some kind of traditional celebration involving the giving and receiving of gifts and consumption of large quantities of food and drink has just happened.

Whatever this strange festival is, I hope everyone had a good one.

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