It’s about time we saved ourselves from Jamie

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone
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After a long day at work on Monday, I decided to kick off my shoes early and enjoy some time in the front of the TV.

Seems I picked the wrong evening for such as indulgence.

I admit that, until ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ begin again, it’s difficult to be excited about the TV’s scheduling – especially on a Monday.

The best I could find was ‘Save with Jamie’.

Yes, chef Jamie Oliver – the multi-millionaire!

Why on earth would we take money-saving tips from someone so wealthy, and, quite frankly, so patronising?

It’s not that I dislike the man, I just prefer every other chef you care to mention.

‘Save with Jamie’ has fallen a serious victim of shameless product-placement advertising; there was shot of a packet of sponsor Uncle Ben’s rice on the screen for at least five seconds.

The show also featured a women who appeared to have a lamb obsession.

She couldn’t stop buying chunks of lamb, was throwing huge quantities of the stuff away, and had now enlisted the help of Jamie Oliver – as you do.

For a start, I had no sympathy for this woman. If the problem is that you are buying too much lamb, might I suggest you stop buying lamb?

I definitely wouldn’t recommend appearing on national television, pretending to be completely shocked when Jamie appears at your door (despite the camera crew already being in your hall), and repeating childish Jamie slogans like ‘The freezer is your friend’.

I doubt I’ll be the only one who grew up in a time when there wasn’t a lot of money going around.

My mother always was a money-saving legend, and not because she wanted fame or to “help” someone who bought copious amounts of meat.

It was because she had to be.

My mother used money-saving mantras daily. ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth’, ‘serve small to serve all’ and ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’.

If you want to save money, talk to people who have done it, but, if you want a laugh, watch Jamie.