It’s a bonus when you actually like your work

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A couple of weeks back, I wrote an article all about the struggle I was having in the job application process.

I grafted hard at a lengthy CV, spent hours on job search websites and applied for multiple different roles and positions all within the space of a couple of days.

Upon rejection from quite a number of well known companies, it was fair to say that I was slightly upset so started applying for jobs the traditional way, handing out CVs to local businesses and, coincidentally, I have landed a job working with the first organisation I applied to, doing a job that I was utterly convinced I was terrible at.

“May I take your order? My name is Sophie and I will be your waitress today.”

I can safely say that compared to a couple of years ago, when I lasted a month waitressing in a small coffee shop, my skills have improved. I can now carry plates, take orders quite quickly, deliver a tray of drinks without spilling much and – touch wood – I haven’t broke anything (yet).

I think the main difference for me, however, is the fact that because the establishment I’m working in is already so well organised, I slot in nicely to their schedule and there are set routine jobs that all staff must carry out. My last waitressing job was less so. I’m a reasonably organised person and so this new method works well with me.

The biggest positive though is that everyone is nice to one another, helps and likes each other, resulting in a very nice place to work. I complained for so long about sitting around doing nothing so the fact that I’m working double the amount I was is great.

It’s an undoubted bonus though that I truly enjoy doing my job – probably because I know now what I’m meant to be doing, to some extent.