It’s a big, big commitment for Company officers

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You may well gather from the various reports in this column just how diverse are the activities undertaken not only at company level but also within the battalion.

What this sometimes indicates is the number of boys involved in so many ways but often missed is the huge commitment for officers in arranging, supervising, transporting and generally making themselves available. No, the BB is not just a single night meeting but often several nights a week and from time to time being away from home for weekends or longer. Not all battalions are so fortunate or so successful and we should not lose sight of the demands made is such endeavours.

Good to see therefore the combination of the Junior and Company committees at their regular meetings is proving successful and reducing time demands. Good, too, we havbe volunteers in new incumbents as secretaries for these sections in Douglas Pennie and John Vaughan.

Not surprising, perhaps, that after breathing sighs of relief when events are done and dusted I do not always hear the detail or receive photographs I might feel are worth including.

I’m always grateful for accounts to find their way to my desk. One such favourite with the boys is that kicking a ball around always seems popular. On November 6 the Company Section Junior five-a-sides were held at Carronvale House. My information is that, when the various tussles were settled, 1st Larbert came out winners. On the national front I so far have only sparse results but know there are various involvements in table tennis, football, Masterteam quizzing, badminton and chess. I am aware from personal involvement as a quizmaster that 1st Polmont (Brightons Church) has progressed to the second round in Masterteam, having seen off teams from Alloa, Gourock and Carluke. Other reports no doubt soon will emerge.