It may not be Nice but it’s definitely nice

Sorocha's cheesecakes are well worth the trip to Bo'ness. Picture: Michael Gillen (141156)
Sorocha's cheesecakes are well worth the trip to Bo'ness. Picture: Michael Gillen (141156)
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Cheesecakes have become the new cottage industry in this part of the world and when I heard there was a new kid on the block I had try some.

My love for cheesecake is legendary, well, among everyone who knows me reasonably well, and every time it’s on a menu in a restaurant I’ll order it nine times out of 10.

“J’dore le gâteau au fromage”, I cry to anyone who is remotely interested. I’m not long back from France in case you’re wondering.

Probably the best cheesecake I’ve ever had was in Nice on that trip.

A lemon and lime number that was so soft I was like one of those fawning Z-list celebrities trying food made for them by a top chef and going “mmmmm, amazing, brilliant, so tasty” in their poshest voice.

Bo’ness may not be the French Rivieria – or even the Scottish one for that matter – but it’s a lovely wee town that has just got better thanks to Sorocha’s Cheesecakes. The name, by the way, is Gaelic for Sarah and the ‘CH’ is pronounced with a ‘K’.

Owner Sarah Baird started cooking them when she was pregnant. One thing led to another and before she knew it her Facebook page was full of orders which has now led her to open Sorocha’s as the canny mum’s reputation for cheesecake grows, and rightly so.

It’s absolutely delicious. Up there with the Nice one and enhances my opinion that cheesecake is the best dessert bar none.

There’s about a hundred different flavours at Sorocha’s from Drumstick and Oreo to Irn Bru to choose from but I chose the strawberry one.

The piece you get for £2.50 is massive but it’s so light and fluffy there’s not too much eating in it and it doesn’t weigh you down too much.

The strawberries are fresh and there’s a few slithers of white chocolate on the top too that add to all the great flavours. Just beautiful. Before the dessert though my colleague Deborah and I also had a big, steaming bowl of the soup of the day which was lentil, and then each had one of the specials – Deborah choosing the steak panini with pepper sauce while I opted for the pulled pork in ciabatta with chutney, both of which were pleasingly toothsome.

Deborah was a bit of a lightweight on the day and had to take her dessert home with her. I think she just wanted ensure I didn’t get a piece of it.

So if you’re happen to be in the neighbourhood down Bo’ness, Sorocha’s is well worth a visit. It may not be Nice, but it’s definitely nice.

Sorocha’s Cheesecake & Coffee Shop

77 Grangepans, Bo’ness

Tel: 01506 238170