It is now official - Barber has left the building!

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

Well, for a lot of you it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. For me, it’s beginning to look a lot like retirement!

When I signed up with Johnston Newspapers to become part of the ‘Falkirk Herald Family’ I never imagined it would be a relationship that would last 45 years - many marriages don’t survive that long - but what can I say?

Today, on what is my last day, what I can say is it’s been great to have been allowed to be part of a great local newspaper and great to have been able to keep a great readership up to speed with events which have impacted on all our lives.

There have been sad events to report on, wonderful news to break and even the highs and lows of covering the fortunes of Falkirk FC will stay with me.

And, of course, contributing to this column has been a blast.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences and observations of life over the last four plus decades and hope in particular my refined guide to the ‘do’s and don’ts’ surrounding the nerve-shredding challenges involved in travelling on an aeroplane have been useful.

Always a glutton for punishment, travelling is high on my ‘what to do next’ agenda, but I’m thinking about giving planes and boats and trains a miss for the time being and looking at the possibility of investing in another mode of transport.

As a teenager I flirted briefly with a scooter, falling off a lot and hurting myself, but now older and much wiser obviously, have a hankering to try a motorbike. The signs are good. Mrs Barber says that as soon as I sign the life insurance policy I’m good to go - and so is she- in the opposite direction!