It doesn’t cost anything to be kind, especially to strangers

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This week a valuable lesson was re-iterated to me, without me physically being present at the time of the event which caused me to write this article.

The event wasn’t particularly groundbreaking, it was just a simple passing of glances and a mutter of words which somehow got me thinking about how we treat others.

To spell it out politely: it doesn’t cost anything to be kind, especially to strangers.

Even the smallest of bitter comments or nasty looks can flip someone’s day upside down. To give you a bit of background, my parents have had a very busy week so far with appointments and meetings on top of their work responsibilities.

Monday was their busiest day, with an appointment at the eye clinic at half past nine, then another meeting at quarter past one.

To cut a long story short, the eye clinic was very busy and running behind schedule so people were getting a bit agitated.

After three hours of waiting, my mum asked very nicely if there was any chance they could be seen as they had somewhere else to be. When she was told “yes” apparently the backlash wasn’t particularly nice.

A few snidey comments, dirty glances and huffs and puffs from an older woman – not exactly what my parents expected or deserved.

Did this person know the underlying reason my parents asked to be seen next? Probably not.

Did this person know one of my parents sticks their neck out, protecting people like her on a daily basis? Absolutely not.

This person made nasty comments about someone she didn’t know. My point is simple: regardless of the reason why my parents got their appointment shifted, it’s no one else’s place to pass negative comment on it.