Is this the best they could do?

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

We’ve had the months of hype, the final countdown is underway and now ... we’ve got the uniform.

No matter how well our athletes do on the track, field, velodrome or in the pool at the Commonwealth Games, they’re going be the laughing stock of the world in those outfits.

If there was a gold medal for most horrific clash of colour and design we would win hands down. In fact, nobody else need enter because surely nothing could be as bad as what they are decking out Scotland’s finest sportsmen and women in.

A cross between ‘A Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘White Heather Club’ look, but in nauseating shades of blue and mustard. It is absolutely horrendous.

Critics have taken to social media to criticise the outfits. But spare a thought for the poor athletes who actually have to wear them.

They spend their lives in tracksuits and one of the few occasions they get to ‘dress up’ and this is what the powers that be have deemed they should wear.

Scotland has some wonderful clothes designers, why on earth were they not invited to come up with something that would give those wearing it and those cheering them on something to be proud of.

People laughed at the Czechs at the 2012 London Olympics for their colourful wellie boots worn in the opening parade. But given our weather, tartan wellies might have been more appropriate and at least the athletes would have had something useful afterwards.

Then again, perhaps they will be able to make use of their uniforms after the Games – they’ll make lovely cushion covers for their but and bens.