Is greed getting in the way of finding a cure for cancer?

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I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next paranoid person.

Don’t get me started on the moon landings (why can’t we see all the empties and sweetie wrappers Armstrong and his pals left behind?) and JFK’s assassination (was Jackie the actual target and Oswald was, in fact, a really poor shot?) because I could go on for at least four minutes on both subjects.

My latest obsession is the cure for cancer.

How come the human race can send a man to the moon (or did they? See above) and they cannot come up with something to cure a disease that has been literally eating away at us for centuries?

There are a number of theories floating around and I personally subscribe to the one which claims there are actually cures out there, it’s just not very profitable for them to be made public.

Imagine if all those multi-trillionaire drugs companies who pimp medicine to hospitals suddenly found there was no need for their products.

Recent studies have shown marijuana, for instance, can kill some cancer cells and actually shrink brain tumours without the awful side effects of chemotherapy, yet the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognise the drug as a medicine.

Maybe that’s because you can grow it in your greenhouse – or your loft depending on where you live and your relationship with the local constabulary – and you don’t have to pay through the nose to get it from these greedy-as-a-gannet drugs firms who don’t want anyone to slaughter their big cash cow.

If we looked at patient care instead of profit margins then I’m pretty sure even more medical breakthroughs would suddenly come to light.