Indy rows are like pantos

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As the battle for independence rages on between Holyrood and Westminster I fear scaremongering among the political elite is in danger of ruining it for everyone.

Make no mistake, this country will face the biggest decision it has for centuries on September 18 next year, but politicians seem hellbent on running their campaigns like pantomimes.

If Scotland goes independent we won’t be in the EU. Oh yes we will! Scotland won’t have Sterling. Oh yes we will! Scotland will be worse off financially. Oh no we won’t!

What is a very exciting issue is becoming something as benign as a dogmatic, bitter, partisan slur fest that will never be in anyone’s interest.

But while Labour are firmly part of the ‘No’ campaign I actually think an independent Scotland would be good for their party north of the border.

The reason Labour has been losing Holyrood elections to the SNP is because all its talented politicians are working down south as MPs, whereas the SNP brought its big hitters back up here to drive forward the independence mantra.

And it’s worked. They’ve managed to get a referendum. While dull leaders like Iain Gray were left cowering in Subway shops Alex Salmond and his well oiled Indy machine were out pressing the flesh getting the votes that counted.

So in theory, if Scotland did win independence then the best Scottish Labour politicians, who can string two sentences together without sounding totally boring, would probably have to come back up here where they could help their party win some elections instead of losing to the Tories down south.

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