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I tend to overeat during the festive season and suffer bad indigestion as a result. What can I do to help prevent this?

Indigestion can be avoided by making some simple changes. Try to eat smaller, regular meals rather than going for long periods of time without eating before consuming a big dinner – although constantly eating snacks all day can be equally as bad. Take your time to eat food and chew each mouthful slowly as this helps to start the body’s digestive process. Avoid eating too much food that is rich, spicy or fatty and watch the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume as family and friends just dropping in can make you lose track of what you are eating and drinking over the day.

What can I do to avoid catching seasonal flu?

Seasonal flu is highly infectious and spreads rapidly through coughs and sneezes. To help avoid spreading germs to others and avoid picking them up, cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, dispose of the tissue after one use and wash your hands as soon as you can.

The best protection against the virus is to get the seasonal flu vaccination if you are in an ‘at risk’ group and invited to do so by your GP.

For the rest of us, regular hand washing and eating 
a balanced diet is the best plan.

I’m going to be attending a lot of parties this year – how can I avoid having my drink spiked?

Drink spiking is when a mind-altering substance such as drugs or alcohol has been added to your drink without you knowing.

To lower your risk of getting your drink spiked, keep your drink in your hand and don’t leave it unattended.

Never accept a drink from a stranger and always avoid situations you don’t feel comfortable in.

Always tell people where you’ll be and when you’ll be back.

Drink from a bottle rather than a glass when you can, as it’s more difficult to spike bottled drinks.

If you think your drink has been touched, don’t be tempted to try it - take it back to the bar.

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