In the driving seat...

David Bowmaker
David Bowmaker

Are you sitting comfortably? Many of us aren’t when we are in the driving seat. Unlike sitting at work or at home we are not able to move as easily if we get a bit uncomfortable or feel sore.

Despite advice to move regularly, every 20 minutes if sitting at home or at work, many of us drive for long distances and many hours often getting fidgety or feeling discomfort.

As being in a car can be a large part of the overall amount of sitting that you do over the whole day, the seat position is of vital importance.

Many people don’t even realise that their car seat can be adjusted in different ways or indeed how to do it. In most cars you can adjust the seat pan (height and angle), the seat back and the lumbar support. The steering column can often then be adjusted to complete the best set up.

Here are some key tips for a comfortable drive:

●People and cars come in all different shapes and sizes so take the car seat into consideration when buying a new car

●Don’t assume your car seat is set up for you – adjust it, exploring all options

●If you share a car with someone remember to readjust to all the settings when you are back in it, not just the mirror and the seat

●Take regular, quality breaks on a long drive, have a walk or do some stretching – don’t be tempted to just sit at a service station and have your coffee!

Any posture, no matter how good it is, can lead to discomfort if held for too long. Adopt a range of safe, comfortable driving positions for happy motoring!