In My View: When will I be old enough to grab a bargain?

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Just a few weeks home from an absolutely wonderful summer holiday Mr and Mrs B have already been flooded with invitations to do it all again.

I have to say the fact so many other companies were so quickly expressing such a keen interest in taking our wedge and offering us the opportunity to repeat our fabulous 2017 experience in 2018 - or sooner - left me impressed.

But, on closer inspection, I then realised the powerful world of the internet which strives to make your business their business was at work.

Rivals don’t get all the info of course, but the motto of the ‘beast’ seems to be share and share alike and let’s see where it takes us.

Nowadays everything we do seems to be recorded for posterity on a data base.

Pay for a bag of grapes or box of fish fingers with plastic at one supermarket and you will be flooded with vouchers from another anticipating your eating habits. Book a holiday on your laptop and you will receive an amazing amount of offers.

We’d love to go back to where we were this year - but it won’t happen next month or probably not even next year (thanks to our grandchildren - bless!).

I’ve never been able to take advantage of the very best deals anyway, due to the simple fact that, up to the time of writing this at least, both of us have always had full-time jobs which have made tempting deals like Toronto in October or Vancouver in November impossible.

Years ago I moaned about being married to a teacher barred me from taking her and the kids out of school early to take advantage of the best priced summer hols.

Decades on and closing in on our pensions, I’m unhappy to report that nothing has changed!