In My View: Time to say au revoir Falkirk – it’s been emotional!

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After almost seven years with The Falkirk Herald it’s time to say goodbye.

Today’s paper will be the last I work on so it’s a day of mixed emotions for me – excited to move on to a different challenge, but sad to be leaving. I’ve had a blast though!

Throughout my time here I’ve dressed up as a Stormtrooper to herald the return of the new Star Wars movies, played football on Falkirk FC’s pitch, carried out DNA testing at Forth Valley College, judged beer at the Larbert Ale Festival and did shooting and archery with GB Olympics archery coach Moira Taylor.

Other highlights include a starring role in a film by local production company Haggis Westerns. Well, I had a 10-second cameo playing a drunk person very well – a part some say I was born to play.

I’ve learned CPR and first aid, did Nordic walking and countless restaurant reviews, which are a source of much humour to colleagues in the sport and photography departments who have less grey matter than most.

A couple of things I am extremely proud of are helping to reduce bus fares in the district through a pressure campaign we ran with former councillor Craig R Martin. Also, compiling the complete Falkirk district Roll of Honour (over 3000 names) of those brave souls who gave their lives during World War One for the 100th anniversary. It was a humbling experience.

I will miss the variety of work, the crazy crank calls, helping communities and families and the dark humour that gets us through the week here.

One thing I won’t miss is the editor’s “Have you got a minute?” calls if I so much as misplaced a comma, but I’ve loved living and working in Falkirk.

For now though, it’s au revoir.