In My View: Television Ads? Please, please give me a break!

Stuart Barber
Stuart Barber

In my ever growing list of things that irritate me I can now add the television commercial.

Never mind these product promotions interrupting enjoyment of my favourite shows, I find them so banal and pointless I’m now reaching for the remote to switch channels to avoid them.

A new trick I’m using more and more as a cable TV subscriber is the blessed ‘catch up’ facility.

Watch the programme ‘live’ and endure five minutes of ‘buy this/try this’ brainwashing every 15 minutes? Or play the smart card and tune in later?

Making full use of this oh so smart option keeps me sane and stops me being tempted to thrown something at the screen because what you are viewing from the comfort of your armchair a few days - it could even be a few weeks - later using this brilliant technology is what you want to see but been edited to cut the ads out entirely, clearing the way to settle down to view an uninterrupted broadcast.

Over the years, I’ve been happy to share with Falkirk Herald readers – or according to some taken the chance to “moan” to Falkirk Herald readers – my views on various issues deserving of a wider audience.

The dread of flying abroad on holiday because of all the airport hassle that entails; reading you can grow old and stay fit at the same time; being expected to believe claims by statisticians the older you get, the happier you get; and last time making a ‘jokey’ plea England don’t win UEFA Euro 2016 are just a few things I’ve been able to get off my chest.

Now I ask why the powers that be can’t tell these ad-men to ensure the message they are trying to get across is at least understandable. If they were entertaining too, that would be a bonus!