In my view – Modern adverts make me want to turn TV off

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I believe I’m a relatively patient type of person and very rarely do I let things irritate me — except for television adverts, that is.

Granted, not every single ad gets on my nerves, however, an ever-growing majority really seem to rile me up these days.

Specifically, the ads which anger me the most are those ridiculously obscure ones which leave you without the slightest clue about what exactly it is they are advertising until the very last second.

I’m aware — and equally infuriated — that this technique is a deliberate ploy in the advertising industry to keep the viewer engaged for the duration of the advert.

But I can’t be the only one who, after the grand unveiling, immediately dismisses the idea of even considering purchasing said product, no matter what it is. That’s how much it irks me.

Other types of TV adverts which fall into that category are those with repeat characters (think fat Italian opera singer) and ads which are so far-fetched your eyes instantly begin to glaze over the moment they appear on the screen.

I have also rediscovered my disliking for daytime televsion following a recent bout of ill health.

If you think the evenings are saturated with a near-constant flow of commercialised rubbish, you really shouldn’t bother reaching for the remote before 5pm.

It really is of no surprise that more and more people are now opting for ad-free online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to get their viewing fix.

I’m not trying to play down or belittle an ultra-competitive industry like TV advertising. I understand the need for it, I just don’t care for the nonsense we as viewers have to put up with. Rant over.