In a sticky situation with Hugo Lloris ahead of the World Cup

David Oliver.
David Oliver.
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The following is both an offer and an appeal.

Please, someone take Hugo Lloris off my hands. And Hugo Lloris too, and three and four and five...

Did I say my hands? I meant my son’s hands as he, well okay ‘we’ are warming up for the World Cup by collecting the Panini stickers.

But, typically we have a glut of specific players, and a dearth of others.

This year’s Brian Welsh (it was always a Hibs player I’d find an abundance of in Scottish collections) is the French goalkeeper of Spurs. And Sulley Muntari, we’ve got plenty of him too, if anyone wants him.

I know a few press colleagues might. A quick look on Twitter has shown that I am not alone in frequent purchases. I am also not alone in masquerading these as ‘for my son’.

They are. I get to open the packets, he gets to stick them in the book. Both are happy.

But what’s worrying is that very few of his friends are collecting the stickers. Perhaps it’s because Scotland are not involved.

Even when I bought him the SPFL collection a few months ago it lasted about 20 minutes. Thankfully, this one has captured his enthusiasm the same way football sticker books used to capture mine.

But compare the youthful ambivilance I’m noticing (ignore the man-children amongst us collecting enthusiastically and posting their daily packets on social media) to that of Colombia.

They’re involved this year, and they’re quite confident of doing well even though Falcao their main man is injured.

In Bogota and such like in the land of Valderamma and Asprilla there’s reportedly one million albums being filled and some by counterfeit cards and stickers. They’re hunting the ‘needs’ from the ‘gots’ with mobile phone apps and teachers are allegedly stealing stickers from students.

In Brazil a van carrying 300,000 was stolen – that’s footballer mugshots by the way, not pounds, dollars or whatever.

It’s all a bit mad, but then they’re involved aren’t they? They’re allowed to get a bit over-excited as we’d like to do too.

Meantime I’ll happily continue as Junior’s intermediary on the trail of Honduras and England shinies. Tweet me, I mean him, offers and swaps, please. But not the French goalie.