Important to know the name

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

A visit to a hospital clinic or outpatient department can be guaranteed to make your blood pressure rise.

We all tend to get slightly anxious when faced with a building we don’t know and fear of what they might discover about our health. What can make it all the more daunting is when this is delivered by a faceless individual.

They may be the most pleasant and caring nurse or doctor in the world but if they fail to tell you their name, there is no human touch.

On a recent trip to A&E at Forth Valley Royal, all the staff were very pleasant and our two hour wait wasn’t too long on a Wednesday evening. However, the very charming man who examined my daughter’s eyes could have been anyone!

Fingers crossed his knowledge of eyes and head injuries meant he wasn’t a member of the cleaning staff, but because he didn’t tell us his name or job title, we didn’t know who he was.

That’s why I’m glad to see NHS Forth Valley backing the ‘Hello, my name is ...’ campaign to highight the importance of staff introducing themselves to patients. Hopefully all the staff take heed.