I'm now hip to cash in on Costco a-go-go trip

We are changing the way we watch telly '“ why wait for your favourite programme to come on the box every week when you can watch an entire series in one day?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th January 2018, 1:00 pm
James Trimble.
James Trimble.

Why have shelf upon shelf of CDs when you can store all your favourite albums on your phone? Yes missus, you heard correctly – the entire recorded output of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and all those other beat combos on a phone that fits into your pocket.

What about shopping though?

My eyes were opened wide and thoroughly squeegeed into crystal clarity during a pre-Christmas trip to Glasgow and the massive Costco that lurks in Springburn.

Now this is the way to shop – no longer will we be picking up odds ‘n’ sods at the local supermercado every couple of days.

Now every six weeks or so we will be jumping in the jalopy and heading for this oasis of shopping convenience to buy our favourite stuff in bulk and saving the pennies in the long run due to the extremely reasonable prices.

I’m still enjoying the box of Pom Bears we bought wee Charlie a month ago.

While it’s not on the same scale as Dunfermline’s Amazon warehouse, which some people claim is actually the same size as Fife, it is a big space, packed with everything you could possibly need if Trumpmaggedon strikes.

And that’s not all folks – there are free samples up every aisle offering punters with Costco cards the chance to basically have a lunch without paying.

Cheeky and I enjoyed a jumbo prawn or two on our last visit and would have had more if my wife had gone along with my simple “disguise” plan.