If you don’t want your car scratched, park elsewhere

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I’ve been driving for more than two years now and although I’ve grown a little more reckless, there’s one element I seem to have mastered: parking.

Parking is something which I’m sure I covered only once in my driving lessons.

I mean, how hard can it be? Driving into a little box on the road to keep your car nice and snug isn’t something which requires a lot of thought.

However, that theory has been challenged in recent weeks and somehow it’s got me thinking that perhaps some people need to revisit the rules of parking their cars.

I have it easy – I drive a tiny, three door Ford Ka which can quite easily sneak into even the smallest of spaces.

That being said, our family car is a massive Hyundai 4x4 and somehow my dad still manages to park that accordingly in a space. Even my mum, who’s car is double the length of mine, parks hers well within the designated parking lines.

So regardless of what your car looks like, it’s really not that difficult to park properly.

Why, then, am I seeing more and more people taking the mickey? Most mornings I park at Falkirk High station to travel to uni and the majority of time the car park reads ‘full’.

Walking through the car park to get to the train and suffice to say there are at least three cars parked every morning taking up two spaces.

One car in particular parks directly over two spaces – slap bang in the middle.

I understand some drivers have a complex about their cars being scratched by other drivers, but really?

Deliberately taking up two spaces is completely unnecessary. Just be a little more considerate, folks.

Morning rush hour is stressful enough – it doesn’t need to be made more stressful by obnoxious parking habits. And if you don’t want your car scratched, park away from the busy car park – problem solved!