If I give you a frosty look, you’ll understand why

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Dear readers, I feel I must apologise for ranting last week about my broken fridge.

I think I may have gone too far, and it was all moan, moan, moan.

Sorry, won’t happen again, and I promise not to have any more bad feelings about it despite the fact that my appointment with Mr Fix-it guy isn’t until next Friday!

Yes, next Friday, and in the meantime my poor refrigerator is actually heating up and is now really smelly.

But, I find myself trailing off again, so I’ll move on to happier events.

I was thrilled this week to receive a visit from a friend who has been working abroad for quite a few years.

I invited her round for dinner and a much-needed catch up, and when she arrived, I thanked her for bringing a lovely bottle of white wine.

Not that I can do anything with white wine, obviously, because I don’t have a fridge, but moving on.

Anyway, she loved the paella I cooked for tea, and considering the effort I put into it, I was grateful to her.

My neighbour had been keeping fresh prawns, chorizo and salad in her fridge for me, but when I turned up to collect them, she gave me some story about how her teenage son had eaten the prawns and apparently put the Spanish sausage and salad on his sandwich.

“I’m so sorry, Kate,” she said. “You know what teenagers are like, they eat everything in sight, and he didn’t tell me he’d taken them. He doesn’t tell me anything, just grunts occasionally.

“I hope you’re not too annoyed?” she asked.

“No, no,” I said, looking annoyed.

“I’ll give you a few pounds to buy some more,” said my neighbour, grabbing her purse.

“Dear goodness, no Janet, don’t be daft,” I said and headed back to Tesco for more supplies.

While wandering the aisles, I thought to myself that I should have taken that money, after all I probably have a new fridge to buy. And they are expensive.

So after re-stocking on prawns and sausage, my friend and I enjoyed a lovely meal and she told me all about her travels.

“Spain is a great place to live, Kate,” she said.

“Really?” I asked, thinking that if I lived in a hot country like Spain, I would definitely need a working fridge.

“Oh yes,” she said. “Fabulous places to visit, you should treat yourself to a holiday there.”

“Ah,” I said, taking a sip of room-temperature wine, “I doubt I’ll be able to afford that anytime soon as I will probably have to fork out hundreds of pounds for a basic thing like a new fridge.”

“Oh right,” said my friend.

“Yes, could even be a thousand pounds.”

“Well,” said my friend, “I suggest you just do what you have to, and then chill out.”

Chill? Easy for her to say.