Iconic badges end centenary year

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As our centenary session comes to a close it seems that, despite companies holding closing displays and parents’ nights, little in the way of promotion comes my way.

Perhaps its the hectic rushing around making sure awards, trophies, guests and display items are well in hand. Good luck to all so involved but do let me have details of your successes to. Speaking of the centenary and members past and present, it is no small link to the Stedfast Association although not even its oldest members were around a century ago. Their latest day out was to a house a bit older, dating back to the 17th century and still occupied by the most recent generation of the same family. For those fit enough, they explored Hopetoun House at South Queensferry, from basement to roof seeing all the treasured furniture, decor, portraits and all the evidence of the ‘‘upstairs and downstairs’’ living over that time span. As always, once the heights of the house had revealed its views of the ‘‘three bridges’’ the party relaxed in the kitchen cafe (former stables) for their usual tea and buns. Another great afternoon; why not enquire as to joining these guys next session? Something else they are very much looking forward to is having a battalion centenary badge marking the end of this auspicious year. The badges, for all battalion members, are now ready. They depict the BB logo on a backdrop of the now iconic Falkirk symbol of the Kelpies; a design produced by boys from the battalion. It was only a few years ago when we considered similar symbols of the Falkirk area for the then new battalion colours, mentioned recently, in the care of 2nd Larbert (Old Church) following their drill competition win. Then the symbols chosen were the Wheel and an adapted image of the stylised steeple as used by Falkirk Football Club (or is it in fact an image of the spire of the former Grahams Road Church, demolished in 1989?)