I’ve been having some fun playing the name game

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There isn’t much to laugh about in the news just now.

It seems like every day there is more doom and gloom with talk of recession, riots and crime, but one story in the paper brought a smile to my face.

It was news that Sainsbury’s is to change its tiger bread to giraffe bread after a young customer wrote questioning the name.

The letter – signed by Lily aged 3½ – pointed out that the bread looked more like a giraffe’s skin than a tiger’s.

Someone from the customer service depart-ment responded with a humorous letter – signed Chris aged 27½ – and, after the correspondence was put on one of the social networking sites my kids spend every waking minute on, the supermarket got thousands of responses urging it to change the name – which it’s now done.

I think that is a lovely story and so nice to know that this huge organisation still has a sense of humour.

It got me thinking about what I would change the names of if I had the chance.

First on my list would need to be the Wii – that’s what my grandson Jack shouts when he needs to use the bathroom!

The next thing I would abolish is teen talk like LOL, OMG and BTW.

No, the latter is not a shortening of a popular town centre pub, they mean ‘laugh out loud’, ‘oh my God’ and ‘by the way’.

I believe these came about as a way to communicate on the Internet but now teenagers have picked them up as part of their vocabulary.

My Gary’s new girlfriend drives me mad with all these abbreviations.

Whenever her phone rings she starts speaking in a language that I don’t understand.

It might be fine for Internet typing but it makes me cringe to hear them said aloud.

Thinking back to three-year-old Lily’s name change recommendation, I asked my grandson what he would re-christen if he could.

After thinking about it very carefully he stuck out his chin and announced he had made a decision.

‘‘I would change my name,’’ he declared.

‘‘I want to be Mickey Mouse.’’

I could see this ending up with Jack demanding to be called Mickey and my daughter falling out with me so I quickly changed the subject to his other favourite topic – the songs of Iggle Piggle.

We might have some daft product names in the UK but it seems other countries fare worse.

A friend of mine was recently on holiday in Sweden and said they had lots of products with ridiculous names – most of which are too rude to repeat here – but we had a good giggle looking through the pictures she’d taken in the supermarket!