I used to be cutting edge - but now technology is leaving me behind

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I was walking to work the other day when I saw, to paraphrase Prince Rogers Nelson, a sign of the times.

Two schoolies were walking side by side on the way to their educational prison camp, their heads bowed gazing at their mobile phones, not looking up or talking to each other.

I started thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if they were texting each other.

Two people, only inches apart, communicating through a small handheld device instead of having a good old natter. I realised they were probably both texting or tweeting or whatevering other people, but it got me thinking about how technology which seems to bring us together actually creates greater distance between us.

Pretty heavy stuff for 8.45 a.m.

There was a time I embraced technology.

I spent most of 1984 glued to a computer screen playing ‘Ghostbusters’ on the Commodore 64, trying to sneak my little stick figure Dr Venkman past the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

It was one of the contributing factors to the rapid deterioration of my eyesight, but I was cutting edge back then boy.

What happened to me? How could technology pass me by so quickly?

We used to snigger and point at prats walking and talking into their big brick-like phones, but no one blinks an eye now when we gas into our little Star Trek communicators.

And now our reporters are going to be given i-pads, or tablets, so we can work anywhere, anytime.

Anyone who has met me will say I’ve been on tablets for years, but this new development won’t see me hanging up my comparatively puny notepad and pen and atrocious shorthand just yet.