I thought it would give me plenty to talk about

I’ve often spoken about tuning into a certain TV show just so I could take part in the “did you watch such-and-such last night” office chat.

There are just some things on TV that you know everyone will be watching - something new, something controversial, even something just a bit daft.

Anyway, you know that if you don’t tune in, and despite the fact that you have no real interest in the subject, you are going to be pretty much excluded from the elevenses tea break chatter.

Personally, I’ve never recovered from the night I didn’t watch one of the most famous interviews ever screened on Panorama.

One night in 1995, God knows what I was doing, but I wasn’t glued to Princess Diana pouring her heart out to Martin Bashir.

I was pretty much a social outcast until I found something who’d “taped it”.

You have to remember that these were the days you couldn’t Sky Plus stuff, and you certainly couldn’t “get it on catch up”.

The day after the Diana interview, nobody was talking of anything else.

It was horrible, I hated it.

Joining in with the chatter, the speculation, and the post-match analysis pretty much sums up my raison d’être.

Anyway, lesson learned.

Once I even watched one of the Mitchell Brothers pushing ‘Tiffany’ in front of a car in Eastenders - despite never watching Eastenders on a regular basis.

But all the papers said it was a “must watch”, so I didn’t want to chance it.

Anyway, all this is leading up to me watching the show on Monday which went behind the scenes at the Tatler magazine.

‘This has office chat written all over it,’ I thought to myself.

It was vaguely interesting I suppose, although I turned it off 15 minutes before the end.

So at around 9.20 a.m. on Tuesday, the question came: “Did anyone watch that thing last night...”

“Yes, I did.” I started. “I wasn’t overly impressed,” I continued, “although the bit with the posh journalist in the pound shop was quite interesting.

“Ah,” I went on, “How the other half live, eh?”

Turns out, no-one had watched it, and I wasn’t overly impressed with that either. I suppose you just can’t anticipate what people may and may not tune in to, unless it involves 
some Royal 
bean spilling.