I thought I’d been in every type of traffic jam ...

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I seem to have been spending a lot of time in my car recently.

A series of meeting has seen me venturing to Glasgow, Fife and almost every point in between, with wee jaunt to Sunderland thrown in for good measure.

It brought back memories from a few years ago when a training course I was on involved numerous journeys to Yorkshire.

It was an eight-hour round trip and, at times, my car felt like a second home.

I knew every service station on the road and the debris stuffed into the glove compartment was testament to the fact that my choice of refreshment wasn’t always the healthiest.

Of course, I also got stuck in my fair share of traffic jams, caused by everything from the standard roadworks to the more intriguing – and worrying – horse loose on the carriageway.

(I never found out what happened to it but now wonder if I ended up eating it.)

However, none could compare to the jam I encountered in Edinburgh last week – caused by the new Krispy Kreme doughnut outlet.

Now who would queue for 45 minutes for a doughnut? Especially when they’re not even that good ...

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