I need some extra time

Deborah Punshon
Deborah Punshon

Working parents will know exactly what I mean when I use the phrase ‘running to stand still’.

You can feel, some days, that you could have conquered Everest with the same energy that it took you to simply get through the week.

It can often get frustrating when, despite your exhaustion, all you’ve actually achieved is working, cooking, childcare, washing and ironing.

Then, a hurdle is thrown in your way.

I had been moaning in the office that I wasn’t “into” a TV saga at the moment and was missing the enjoyment of curling up on the sofa to really get engrossed in something.

That was until ‘Breaking Bad - Series One’ turned up on my desk last Monday.

On Monday night, I watched two episodes, Tuesday, just the one, Wednesday three, and the last one on Thursday night! Amazingly good.

Friday morning began with my poor wee girl complaining about the lack of nursery clothes.

I took her to nursery, mortified, in a combination of clothes that were ill-fitting and not really appropriate.

There was an odd look from her teacher, and I wish I could have said I had been busy all week doing something important and had fallen behind with a few things.

Obviously, I didn’t mention that I had been sitting on my backside for four nights watching a programme about crystal meth.

So, racked with guilt, I had a mini spring clean on Sunday night, washed every piece of clothing and had my iron working overtime.

I will see how far I get with season two before I panic again.

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