I’m really missing my street dance session

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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I used to love to dance. There was a time when I was at a dance class at least five times a week, ballet, pointe, jazz and tap.

It was amazing. I’d prance about the house in my pointe shoes, “breaking them in” (ha ha, no, it was just giving me an excuse to practise and be taller then everyone else), tap about in my tap shoes (much to mum’s annoyance) and pirouette about in my split soles for jazz.

I really enjoyed being your ‘typical’ dancer. I guess it was nice being ... floaty. Then I hit the age of 11. I never really thought street dance would have that much of an impact on me. Yeah I though it was cool, but never thought I could do it too. I was too tangled up in my floaty, gracefulness to have the time to practice street. Plus, the dance school I was with didn’t offer classes.

It was the whole ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ thing that got me involved. This was the year of George Sampson and those with a cracking memory will know that he won the year before Diversity came on the scene. I thought his dancing was incredible. I was totally fascinated by the fact that he could twist and turn his body and make his muscles ‘pop’.

So, I thought, why not? If George is 14 and can dance like that, maybe I’ll get good when I’m 14 too. I started watching stuff on YouTube, learning basic popping sequences, copying little routines, becoming totally fascinated with it. Before I knew it, I was quitting ballet and pointe, and concentrating on street.

In August 2011, I went to my first proper street class. I was 14.

Kay Klass Hip Hop and Street Dance School ran the class. It was full of adults, I reckoned I was probably the youngest there. Anyway, Kay is in charge of a professional dance troupe called Blok, and at the end of my first class, after being advised to audition for their professional troupe, I was so gutted to find out I had to be 16 to even be considered.

But the class moved from Hallglen on a Wednesday to Stirling on a Monday, right after I finish my coaching. It was impossible for me to go.

That was the beginning of this year and it’s ridiculous how much I miss it. Street dance schools, I am hunting for you.