I’m really dreading my dramatic final farewell

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I have never been a great ‘goodbyer’.

I’ve always been the type of person to avoid parting ways with something, or someone. I don’t handle confrontational goodbyes well, especially when that thing or person means so much to me.

And so this, more than anything, is the hardest thing to part ways with.

I have written about how tough drama has been throughout my time at high school on multiple occasions and so I would not be surprised if my readers are under the impression it is not one of my favourite subjects. However, they could not be more wrong.

Through all the actual blood, sweat and tears which myself, my classmates and my teachers have poured into our work over the past six years, I’ve found myself utterly, emotionally attached to drama, acting and performance.

Knowing this huge part of my life will soon be nothing but a memory truly upsets me.

Of course, there are other drama groups which I could join, places at university where I can get involved with acting but, realistically, nothing will live up to our Team Drama.

I understand why people argue drama is not a real subject. What those people do not understand is you build a bond within a drama classroom which cannot exist in any other environment - it’s like an extended family.

I write this the night before my Advanced Higher Drama Acting Exam. After six years with my peers, this is the last time we will ever act together as a cast - the last time we can ever show the world what Team Drama is made of.

Usually, I would follow this statement with something like, “I just hope we do ...”

But there is no need for hope. We know we will.