I’m not worrying about tomorrow!

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Did you see the programme on TV last week about whether people would do anything about an unattended suitcase left lying in a shopping centre?

Apparently the majority of people – and it showed them on film – walked by and never gave it another glance.

Eventually one person contacted a security guard and the ‘offending’ item was removed.

It was interesting and made me think that things have certainly changed in a short space of time.

Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were always being reminded that if we saw any unattended bag or parcel to contact staff or security guards straight away.

You were almost scared to put your shopping down in a railway station or shop for fear someone would blow it up!

There still are so many security checks at airports – who can forget the complaints last summer about the time it took to get through Edinburgh Airport. I had friends who said it was a nightmare.

Through gritted teeth I pointed out that they were lucky to be getting the chance to fly away somewhere warm and wouldn’t they rather be safe than sorry.

But have we become blasé about safety?

I know that it seems a bit much getting bags checked and it is supposed to be a deterrent so we will never know how many people have been put off from doing something evil because of it.

And then you think of all those terrible incidents and wonder what could have been done to prevent them.

At the height of all the threats and warnings, I remember my old mum said it wasn’t safe to go anywhere. She refused to go on a shopping trip to Glasgow and when she heard that Emma and some friends were having a break in London, I don’t think she slept until they were home again.

But can you live your life worrying about what is round the corner?

This is the same mother who used to tell us as children that what’s for you won’t go by you - so surely that means if you are going to be caught up in some horrible event you won’t be able to stop it, just the same way if you are going to win the Lottery or get some great new job.

I don’t think I want to live my life constantly looking over my shoulder wondering when some dreadful fate is going to befall me.

My motto is going to be live for today and if it happens, it happens – but I do know that I would still report an unattended bag in a shopping centre!