I’m not sure 16 will be sweet

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace
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The fact that I’m turning 16 in less than a week I frankly find a bit terrifying.

It’s like BOOM, that’s it, my childhood is almost up.

This means no more watching kids TV guilt free. No more getting really excited when my mum brings me home a Candy King. And, this is the worst one, no more getting child fares on public transport.

This is something of a minor catastrophe, as I’m always skint, and, because I’m now going to be paying almost double on trains and buses, I’m going to be even more skint.


Still, turning 16 means I do get treated a little more like an adult, which will be nice.

I don’t know why, but grown-ups seem to respect people over the age of 16 than people my age or younger.

I’m not saying that the minute my birthday hits then my parents will be giving me unlimited freedom to do whatever I want, because I know that’s not going to happen, but I’m saying they’ll be expecting me to be a tad more responsible and a lot more grown up.

Like, right now, I’m sitting in my auntie’s hair salon, Michaela Hair and Beauty, getting my hair dyed again, all on my own.

Mum is not here. And, more importantly, I’m now expected to pay for my hair cuts, because I’m “growing up and earning my own money”.

See that in itself is really freaking me out. I’m earning my own cash. I’m working, I actually have a job.

Jobs are something adults have.

I got a bit of a scare the other day too, when it just kind of hit me that, in less than two years’ time, I will have left school and possibly be going off to university.

Next year, I’ll be allowed to drive.

Year after that I’ll be 18.

Oh my goodness.

I’m actually getting the heebie jeebies thinking about it right now.

Big Sophs is growing up.