I’m not really asking for a lot

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

Mums all over the country will be preparing themselves for a day of relaxing and being waited on hand on foot by their offspring - if we believe the PR hype about Mother’s Day.

The cynical among us may say it is an over commercialised day encouraged by greeting card manufacturers and florists, but I prefer to think it is the one day in the year when even those who appear to take their mums for granted make a point of telling her how much she means to them.

Of course, as with most of these things it all began in America, but was quickly adopted by countries around the world.

However, according to a new survey, 96 per cent of us mums were dissatisfied with their present last year – ungrateful things. However, happy to say I’m in the four per cent.

It would seem that flowers and chocolates are no longer the gift of choice for recipients – despite thousands upon thousands of bouquets being purchased this weekend and tonnes of sweeties.

Mums in 2015 it appears would rather receive a spa voucher or jewellery which would certainly stretch the pocket money of some youngsters.

Once and only once did I swap a Mother’s Day gift, but I did so in the full knowledge that my two were too young to have picked it themselves and I did replace the scary looking pierrot doll, yes honestly a clown doll, with a rather fetching vase that until very recently had pride of place in my home.

Yes, a spa voucher would be nice. But I’ll happily settle for a bunch of flowers and a card, as long as it’s accompanied by a hug ... and a promise to tidy up their bedrooms!

Happy Mother’s Day to mums everywhere.