I’m learning the vital role played by cushions

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

Decorating as a result of a flood covered by insurance should be relatively easy.

You wait for the cheque to arrive, get ‘a man’ in and sit back and wait for the job to be completed. Simple!

Or so I thought.

Since the downstairs hall was getting a makeover, the upstairs apparently needed one too.

And, of course, the fact that a new carpet was required in the spare bedroom meant that it required to be completely redecorated too.

We need new skirting boards, coving, wallpaper and paint. The duvet cover and curtains have survived the cull ... but the same can’t be said for the chest of drawers, mirror or even the radiator.

Still my wife has made start already. She’s bought a cushion to go with the new colour scheme.

I can’t say cushions have ever rated highly on my list of must-haves but apparently they are essential items in any bedroom. Not that they’re used for anything. The just lie on the bed, looking pretty, until night comes and they’re dumped on the floor before being returned to their customary position the following morning.

And this little blighter has already taken up residence waiting for some friends to join him.