I’m just as excited as the mother of the bride

Our Kate
Our Kate
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It’s just under a year away - 11 months and three weeks tomorrow I’m happily advised - that a very good friend of mine will enjoy one of THE very best days a mum can enjoy and watch her daughter walk down the aisle.

The lovely afternoon that celebrated my favourite girl’s wedding day was certainly an occasion to remember and something even as a grandmother now still remains a special day in my heart.

You can surely understand then my delight at the news the young lady I watched grow up and who thought fondly enough of me to extend an invitation to her university graduation (that seems just a few short years ago bytheway) has now met her ‘Mr Right’.

I have to confess I got very wrapped up in the emotional side of the ‘moment’ and found myself far too quickly putting questions to the mother of the bride and offering every and any assistance with the future arrangements.

Fortunately, it was all taken in good part by my very understanding friend and when I had calmed down and stopped ‘gushing’ we went on to have a rather sensible conversation about the timetable and the plans which have to be made.

We certainly agreed that from the moment the engagement was announced - ‘Mr Right’ asked the father of the bride for permission first of course - the clock has started started clicking down at an alarming rate.

As we chatted over a latte, my friend resisted my suggestion we order a nice bottle of wine to celebrate, it all came flooding back about what has to be done and in what order it has to be done in.

Before we met up, proud mother and daughter had already visited a number of possible venues to discuss numbers and menus and a day to the city to take a leisurely look at wedding gowns is also in the diary. Who will be asked to be the bridesmaids and ushers is well in hand as are most of the other ‘essentials’ which must be ticked off.

No matter, I’m already as excited as I can be and determined to help in any and every way I can.